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East Bay neuropsychologist Bay Area neuropsychologist
East Bay neuropsychologist Bay Area neuropsychologist

Parents & Adult Patients

Dr. Ubogy often answers questions like these in evaluations of children, teens and adults:​


Does my child have ADD/ADHD?

Attention difficulties are interfering at school, home, or work. 

What’s the correct diagnosis, and what should the treatment plan be?

Do I have a learning disorder?
School performance seems lower than it should be. 

What’s the cause and the best educational plan?

​Does my child have processing differences?
Why are my child’s abilities so uneven?
How does my child learn, process, and understand information?

​How can my child’s school meet his or her needs?
What are the right school services for my child? How do I get them?

Am I eligible for accommodations on entrance exams
(SAT, GRE, LSAT, etc.?)

​What are the effects of my child’s history of illness or traumatic brain inury?

What cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes have occurred? What accommodations and life plans are needed manage them?

​Does my child have autism, an autistic spectrum disorder?
What are my child’s differences, and how can I help him/her navigate in the world?

Can you help me understand my child's emotional/behavioral challenges?
Does he have a psychological/psychiatric condition? What are her treatment options?


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